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Every Feature in Every Plan

Our plans are based on the length of time you’d like to have your website live for.
Some people only need the site for a few months, and others would like to keep their website for many years to come as a memory of their special event.

Regardless of how long you’d like to have your website, we offer all features for all plans!

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Because Things Can Change...

Plan Extensions

We understand that plans can change.  It’s quite common for people to change the date of their event – sometimes delaying things by 12 months or longer!  
No worries!  Purchase one of our plan extensions at any time before the expiry of your plan and your event site will be active when you and your guests need it most.

You could even purchase your extensions in 5+ year increments if you’d like to keep your site going as an ongoing digital memory of your special event!


Invite Your Guests in Style

Learn more about our custom event websites - designed inline with your events theme and with all the functionality you need.

Make the Most of your Memories

Add-On Services

Keepsake Website Album

Want to remember your event website for years to come?  Choose between a digital, magazine and hard-cover keepsake website album. 
We will take all of the elements from your event website and transform them into a beautiful keepsake to complete your memories from your special day.
It’s a bit like a photo album, but it’s a memory of your personalised website – in an album-style format.

Our Day Event Website Keepsake Album copy
Our Day Event Website Keepsake Album Gatsby Display Album 1

Ready to Go?

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